Sales Tax: Who has to pay?

Sales Tax is required to be paid on all purchases sold to a resident of New Jersey or delivered within the state of New Jersey. New Jersey Sales Tax is currently 7%.

Sales tax does not apply to the purchase of a gift certificate; however, sales tax does apply when a gift certificate is used for a purchase shipping to a New Jersey address or to a resident of New Jersey.

Please note that while we do not collect or withhold sales tax for purchases outside of New Jersey, your state, county, or municipality may require you to report your internet purchases and pay tax on them. Lights & Holsters Tactical Store is not responsible for reporting those purchases or collecting and withholding sales tax on those purchases. That responsibility is solely that of the purchaser.

Tax-exempt government agencies, organizations, and individuals do not have to pay sales tax on purchases from Lights & Holsters Tactical Store. In order to waive the sales tax requirement, you must provide a copy of your tax-exempt status or resale certification at the time of ordering for our records.

If sales tax applies to your purchase, it will be added at the time of checkout. Lights & Holsters Tactical Store complies with any all State and Federal laws, which are subject to change.