Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera, 10 Megapixels

Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera, 10 Megapixels Details

Smile. Because with an RCX Trail Camera System you won't miss any off-season activity or movement patterns. Billed as a "game changer," RCX is simply the most user-friendly, intuitive camera system on the market-ready to plug and play right out of the box.

Exclusive RCX Controller/Viewer (Included with kit only, part# 112202. Not included with part# 112200.)
The "hub" of the RCX Trail Camera System is the exclusive handheld USB Controller/Viewer, which plugs into the USB jack in each camera to give you complete control of your system. Get real-time alignment of the camera's view, instant access to all program settings, and all of the images that have been captured. Download high-resolution photos (color or infrared) and video right in the field, without making multiple trips to and from your home or truck to check SD cards. A TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) active matrix 3" display gives you the complete picture right in the palm of your hand. Quickly scan, zoom, delete, or transfer your photos and video; make adjustments as needed to the camera's setting and position; and move on to the next camera. Then plug the controller into your home computer to download your pictures and videos to your hard drive.

Pictures in 1-2-3
The RCX system is so easy to use. Just remove it from the box, insert eight AA batteries and an SD card(not included), turn it on and hang it on a tree, and you're taking pictures. Also fully customizable, the user-interface is push-button easy and extremely intuitive, taking you step-by-step through each program setting. It could not be easier.

Dual-Sensor Technology & Wider Field of View
The RCX-2 offers Dual Sensor Technology (DST) to deliver a more complete picture of game activity in your area. Choose the wide cone for 45 degrees of "sensing coverage" to a range of 45 feet ideal for larger areas or to cover the corner of a field. Select the narrower 10° cone that reaches out to 90 feetfor use with a specific landmark or feeder. The DST sensors automatically trigger the camera's shutter when moving game (heat) is detected within the selected cone's coverage. Or you can choose to have both sensors active at the same time. The Leupold RCX is the only trail camera to offer this groundbreaking technology. A wide 54° field of view camera lens means you'll not only see the animals within the 10°/45° cone's "sensing coverage," but you will see any animals on the fringes (where the big bucks often hang).

Silent Digital Shutter
The RCX Trail Camera System captures images with no moving parts. The XD processor silently captures the image from the CMOS sensor as soon as the PIR sensor is activated. The Infrared Filter activates at night, and then deactivates in the morning, providing instant spectral adaptation to protect the highly sensitive sensor from infrared rays during the day. It then responds in spectacular detail at night when the filter moves away from the camera lens. Moving the filter just twice a day conserves battery life and minimizes noise that can alert game to the presence of the camera. Compare this to other camera systems that produce an audible, often game-spooking "clicking" noise each time a picture is taken.

Standard SDHC Compatible
The RCX can use up to a 32GB SDHC card(not included), setting a new standard for SD camera systems. Cards are easily installed via a waterproof trap door access.

Customize To Your Needs
Even though the RCX Trail Camera System is so simple to use, it also offers more customizable features than any other camera in the field. You have multiple options for file type/size, picture quality, sensitivity (auto or four levels - low to super high), time lapse, temperature, barometer readings, multipicture mode, event delay, operation hours, video quality/length, separate day/night settings, camera name, and sensor angle (10° or 45°). The camera also offers custom picture stamp with date, time, temperature, and moon. From out-of-the-box "ready to go" to highly custom capturing of game activity, the choice is yours.

Instant Recovery
Many trail cameras take up to 15 seconds to recover and be ready to take another picture. From complete rest, the RCX takes just a couple of seconds to snap back into action. On lower settings the recovery is instant.

Vibrant Images with XD (Xtreme Definition) Image QualIty
The RCX delivers both high-resolution color (day) and infrared (night) still images, as well as a video/ audio option. The advanced system uses CMOS sensor technology to produce tremendously sharp, crisp 10 megapixel images in the RCX-2. For exceptionally clear images at night, the RCX-2 provides 48 PIR LEDs combined with XD image processing and advanced auto-exposure calculations. A special day/night sensor allows the camera to quickly adjust exposure as light levels change.

"Blink-of-an-Eye" Trigger Speed
The RCX offers a lightning-fast, less than one second trigger speed. This "blink-of-an-eye" speed, combined with Dual Sensor Technology (DST) and a wide angle 54° camera lens, means you'll capture more images of full bodies and racks rather than ears and rears. This quick trigger speed while in "Most Picture Mode" will capture more pictures than other cameras on the market.

Rugged Durability
The RCX is constructed of a durable, high-impact ABS/polycarbonate blend shell for maximum strength and protection. Tested to a rigorous accelerated weather and UV exposure test, the RCX will deliver the dependable, reliable performance you need to locate and pattern your trophy, season after season.

Safe & Secure
A specially designed Lock-Down Security Plate (included with the RCX-2) provides for rock-solid mounting as well as protection from theft or vandalism. A heavy-gauge Master Lock Python cable (not included) or nylon strap (included) attaches through the mounting plate and around the tree. A single nail-mounting slot is also built into the plate.

Extra-Long Battery Life
The RCX cameras will operate continuously for months using eight AA lithium batteries. The battery cartridge tray can be pre-loaded and quickly installed into the camera in the field. The RCX-2 also allows deactivation of 12 LEDs to maximize battery life.

RCX-2 System Kit Contents (Included with purchase of full kit only, part# 112202)
Includes RCX-2 camera, USB Controller/Viewer, 12-volt cable, Lock-Down Security Plate and screws, car adapter, home adapter, USB cable, AA battery pack cartridge tray (batteries not included), lithium-ion battery for Controller/ Viewer, 6 hex standoffs for mounting, and mounting strap.

RCX-2 Contents (Included with non-kit part# 112200)
Includes camera, AA battery pack cartridge tray (batteries not included), six hex standoffs for mounting, mounting strap, and Lock-Down Security Plate.

Megapixels 10
Camera Lens Angle (degrees) 54 degrees
PIR (degrees) Dual PIR:
10 degrees
45 degrees
Max Trigger Range (ft) 45 ft
90 ft
Infrared LEDs 48 at 10 degrees
36 at 45 degrees
48 in Dual
Video / Audio Video / Audio
Trigger Speed Less than 1 second
Remote Viewer Included with RCX-1 Kit #112202 only.
Lock-down Security Plate Included
Finish Shadow Brown
Megapixels 10mp

Authentic Leupold Product Guarantee

At Lights & Holsters Tactical Store, we promise to provide all customers with quality, authentic products. Because Leupold is a premium brand, it has been imitated the world over and we are often asked by customers for assurances that they are getting a genuine Leupold product. The easiest and most convenient way to verify that we are a genuine Leupold dealer, is to see our company name and website link directly on Leupold's website under "Where to Buy". To do so, please click here.

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$214.99 - $239.99

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Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera #112200, 10 Megapixels

Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera #112200, 10 Megapixels

  • Model Number: 112200
  • UPC: 030317122003
  • Finish: Shadow Brown
  • Megapixels: 10mp
Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System Kit #112202, 10 Megapixels, Includes Remote Viewer & Security Plate

Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System Kit #112202, 10 Megapixels, Includes Remote Viewer & Security Plate

  • Model Number: 112202
  • UPC: 030317122027
  • Finish: Shadow Brown
  • Megapixels: 10mp

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