Burris 3-9x50 Fullfield II Riflescope - Ballistic Plex Reticle Details

    Fullfield II Riflescopes

    With a legacy of high performance, modest prices and the backing of a Forever Warranty, choosing to purchase a Fullfield II riflescope isn't difficult. But there are more than two dozen Fullfield II models, finishes, and reticle configurations to pick from, so choosing just which one is the hard part.

    Fullfield II's are the smart choice when you know they are packed with the performance features that made Burris famous. Outstanding optical quality. Positive steel-on-steel adjustments. Extremely rugged outer tubes. No-slip grips on the integrated eyepiece and focus adjustment. To make a fair comparison with other brands, you'll have to look at riflescopes costing hundreds of dollars more.

    With performance standards so high and their retail prices so reasonable, you may not have to limit yourself to just one.

    Ballistic Plex

    Precision rangefinders, specialized rifles and more accurate ammunition have removed some of the variables in long-range shooting. However, with a basic crosshair reticle, calculating hold-over is a mix of art, science and just plain luck. That is exactly why Burris developed the Ballistic Plex reticle. The key is the copyrighted lower vertical crosshair. With most common hunting cartridges, a shooter can use the reticle to compensate for bullet drop and aim dead-on at targets from 100 to 500 yards out. The need for hold-over guesstimation is eliminated.

    Using it is simple. Start by sighting-in your rifle at 100 or 200 yards at your scope's highest magnification. Then, once you determine the distance to your target, select the appropriate ballistic line. Add slight hold-over or hold-under for in-between yardages and take the shot.

    Item # 200154
    Reticle Ballistic Plex
    Finish Matte
    Field of View (in feet @ 100 yards) 30 Low - 11 High
    Exit Pupil (mm) 17 Low-5.6 High
    Click Value (in. @ 100 yards) .25
    Max Adj. (in. @ 100 yards) 50
    Eye Relief (in.) 3.1-3.8
    Length (in.) 13.1
    Weight (ounces) 17
    MPN 200154

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    Burris 3-9x50 Fullfield II Riflescope - Ballistic Plex Reticle

    Manufacturer Burris
    Category Rifle & Pistol Scopes
    Part Number 200154
    UPC Code 000381001542
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    Burris 3-9x50 Fullfield II Riflescope - Ballistic Plex Reticle