Burris 3-9x32 Timberline Riflescope - Ballistic Plex Reticle Details

Timberline Riflescopes

Lean and mean. Efficient and effective. Short and sweet. Long descriptions of the Timberline Rifle Scopes simply are not neccessary. A word or two says it all.

Timberline scopes are made to mount low on short action rifles to maintain the agile feel and balance of a short magnum. The scopes’ profiles are quite compact, so Timberlines are in their element when in a tree stand, in a scabbard, or anywhere else space is in short supply.

Generous amounts of eye relief have been designed in to allow the scopes to point quickly and to keep your face well away from the potentially abusive recoil of heavy magnums. A matte finish adds stealth to the equation.

Of course, Timberlines boast suberb optical performance. They are Burris, after all. Timberlines utilize precision-ground lenses made from high grade glass that is HiLume fully multi-coated to deliver clarity and contrast whether the light is good, bad or just plain ugly.

Amazingly - even packed with all that performance - Timberlines are the most affordable Burris scopes ever offered.

They even come with Burris' Famous Forever Warranty. There simply is no greater scope value out there.

Ballistic Plex

Precision rangefinders, specialized rifles and more accurate ammunition have removed some of the variables in long-range shooting. However, with a basic crosshair reticle, calculating hold-over is a mix of art, science and just plain luck. That is exactly why Burris developed the Ballistic Plex reticle. The key is the copyrighted lower vertical crosshair. With most common hunting cartridges, a shooter can use the reticle to compensate for bullet drop and aim dead-on at targets from 100 to 500 yards out. The need for hold-over guesstimation is eliminated.

Using it is simple. Start by sighting-in your rifle at 100 or 200 yards at your scope's highest magnification. Then, once you determine the distance to your target, select the appropriate ballistic line. Add slight hold-over or hold-under for in-between yardages and take the shot.

Item # 201334
Reticle Ballistic Plex
Finish Matte
Field of View (in feet @ 100 yards) 25 Low - 9 High
Exit Pupil (mm) 11 Low-3.6 High
Click Value (in. @ 100 yards) .25
Max Adj. (in. @ 100 yards) 50
Eye Relief (in.) 3.75-5
Length (in.) 10.3
Weight (ounces) 13
MPN 201334

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Burris 3-9x32 Timberline Riflescope - Ballistic Plex Reticle

Manufacturer Burris
Category Rifle & Pistol Scopes
Part Number 201334
UPC Code 000381013347
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Burris 3-9x32 Timberline Riflescope - Ballistic Plex Reticle