Burris 3.5-10x40 Eliminator Laserscope Rangefinder Riflescope Details

In a Split Second, The Eliminator Ranges... Calculates...Illuminates

No more guessing yardage or fumbling with a shaky handheld rangefinder. No more losing sight of your trophy. No more guessing holdover. The Eliminator knows the precise horizontal distance to your trophy and exactly what your cartridge will do. Eliminator lights a 1/3 MOA illuminated aiming dot showing exactly where your shot will go. With The Eliminator, just Range, Aim, and Fire.

Starting with the field-proven and bright crystal-clear optics of the original Burris LaserScope, The Eliminator provides a sophisticated yet very simple and accurate means of tailoring the scope's trajectory compensation to virtually any cartridge.

Sophisticated Technology Made Simple, Simple, Simple.

Simply enter one of the 123 drop numbers into the Eliminator. In a split second, the Eliminator factors in the distance, the angle of the shot, and the ballistics of your cartridge or load, and presents a lighted dot for the perfect holdover.

Ballistics Tables Made Simple

All you need to know is the drop in inches at 200 yards when sighted-in at 50 yards, or the drop in inches at 500 yards when your cartridge is sighted-in for 100 or 200 yards. Burris provides this 'drop number' for more than 1,900 commercial cartridges. With your drop number established, you decide if you need or prefer to sight-in at 50, 100 or 200 yards.

Programming Made Simple

  1. First, push the Main Button (left side of scope) to turn on the electronics. Then push the Main Button once more to get three dashes (— — —) in the range area.
  2. Next, push the Forward Arrow button (right side of scope) then the Main Button. Hold simultaneously for 6 seconds to enter Set-Up Mode.
  3. Select either (Y)ards or (M)eters, press the forward button.
  4. Select a (0) 50 yard sight-in, (1) 100 yard sight-in distance or (2) 200 yard sight-in distance, then press the forward button.
  5. Select the two-digit Drop Number (04 thru 90) and press the back button. You're done.

Precision Made Simple

Sight-in your gun at your selected sight-in distance of either 50, 100 or 200 yards. Then verify point of impact by actual shooting at 200 or 500 yards. Depending on the exact ammo performance, your gun's barrel length, the elevation, and any extreme temperatures, you might need to increase or decrease your Drop Number by a couple of digits for exacting performance.

Life Made Simple

Your programming is stored in the scope no matter the condition of your battery and it will still remember your programming with no battery at all.

The Hunt Made More Enjoyable and Successful

The Burris Eliminator LaserScope is in a league of its own. No other riflescope combines this level of quality, technology, accuracy, simplicity, repeatability and effectiveness. It will greatly increase the distance at which you can be confident in making an ethical shot. You do the hunting and shooting, the Eliminator will do the memorizing and calculating. The Eliminator is affordable and of a size and weight that's welcome for everyday field use. The revolutionary new Eliminator is a brilliant riflescope innovation that ensures long range hunting success.

Ultra Low Mounting System

A proprietary mounting system developed by Burris allows for the lowest possible mounting of the LaserScope. Other mounting systems tend to position comparable scopes as much as two ring sizes higher, which inhibits natural shooting posture.

Laser Range* (yards reflective)  800 
Laser Range* (yards deer) 550+ 
Laser Accuracy  +/- 1 yard
Battery  CR-2
Battery Life  1100 cycles
Operating Temperature  -15° - +140°F
Field of View  25.4-9.6
(Low-High feet @ 100 yards)
Adjustable Parallax (yards)  N/A
Exit Pupil (mm) Low - High  11.4-4.0
Click Value (Inch @ 100 yards)  .25 MOA 
Maximum Adjustment  50
Weight with mount & battery  26 oz
Optimum Eye Relief (Inch)  3.5-4.0
Objective End Dia (mm)  65.5
Clear Objective Dia (mm)  40
Ocular End Dia (mm)  39
Overall Length (Inch)  13
Mounting Rail Length (Inch) 5.7
Torque Spec. for Mounting Bolts  40-80 in.-lb.
*Environmental conditions may limit range
MPN 200118

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Burris 3.5-10x40 Eliminator Laserscope Rangefinder Riflescope

Manufacturer Burris
Category Rangefinders
Part Number 200118
UPC Code 000381001184
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Burris 3.5-10x40 Eliminator Laserscope Rangefinder Riflescope